Every year, the Southern Farmers Collaborative Group takes pride in hosting an annual conference tailored to the unique needs of underserved farmers and ranchers. This pivotal event serves as a knowledge hub, offering diverse speakers who delve into sustainable, technical, and profitable topics. The conference empowers attendees with the latest insights and practices that enhance agricultural productivity and promote environmental stewardship.

Expert speakers are carefully curated to cover various subjects, ranging from sustainable farming techniques to cutting-edge technological advancements and strategies for maximizing profitability. Through this conference, SFCG aims to bridge knowledge gaps and create a supportive community where underserved farmers and ranchers can thrive. The annual gathering is a testament to SFCG's commitment to fostering resilience, sustainability, and prosperity within the agricultural sector.

The Farmers Train the Trainer Annual Conference provided a dynamic platform where participants gained invaluable insights into various aspects of agriculture. The event featured expert speakers who delved into critical topics, enhancing attendees' knowledge and skills.

Scott Carlson, a representative from Worth UGA, shared his expertise on Climate Smart Forage, shedding light on sustainable and climate-resilient practices. Timothy Robinson, a seasoned professional from Robinson Farm, offered valuable insights into the intricate world of Poultry Farming, providing participants with practical knowledge to thrive in this sector.

Trey Pippin, the visionary behind Pippins Farms, LLC, captivated the audience with his expertise in Chestnut Production, highlighting the potential and challenges in this niche. Clay Stroud, District Conservationist from USDA NRCS, addressed the crucial aspect of Conservation Practices, imparting knowledge on responsible and eco-friendly farming methods.

Ricky Dollison, an industry leader from Dollison Farm & Warrior Creek Products, shared his expertise on Equipment Sprayer Calibration, enabling participants to optimize their farming machinery for efficient and precise operations. The conference's highlight was the Keynote Address delivered by Mark Master of Flint River Soil and Water Conservation District, providing a visionary perspective on the future of agriculture.

Overall, the Farmers Train the Trainer Annual Conference was a comprehensive and enriching experience. It facilitated a sense of empowerment among underserved farmers and contributed significantly to advancing sustainable and resilient farming practices by cultivating success together.

It's wonderful to acknowledge and thank Moderator Brendia King and the members of SFCG for their dedication, contributions, and efforts in ensuring a successful event. Additionally, gratitude extends to James Lee and the Georgia Korean American Farmers members for their valuable participation and support, enriching the conference with diverse perspectives and experiences. Together, members, presenters, vendors, and participants collaborative efforts have undoubtedly contributed to the event's overall success and positive impact.